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Brake Repair in Winchester, VA

Any experienced pilot will agree that landing safely is the most crucial element when flying a plane. Similarly, a driver’s ability to stop when the need arises is an essential part of driving. In essence, a journey is never pleasant if everyone is worried about your car’s ability to stop when it has to.  As such, it doesn’t matter how capable or cautious you will be behind the wheel if your braking system has given out. This explains why brake maintenance and repair are highly essential in your life as an automobile owner.

We understand the value of your brake system at our service center and do our best to ensure that our customers have an effective brake system. Whether you are concerned about brake lines, need your brakes inspected, or require brake pad replacement, our proficient team at 5 star Auto Repair is here. If you are looking for brake repair and a general brake service in Winchester VA, remember to visit the brake service and brake repair professionals at 5 star Auto Repair. Our professionals have years of experience in dealing with brake pads, offering effective brake service, and conducting brake repairs in Winchester VA.

The Issues with Bad Brakes

If you are a lover of movies, then you have experienced a scene where a driver operates a vehicle with a faulty braking system. Of course, this is always an intriguing incident where  inevitably the car careens helplessly down a winding hillside, unable to slow down.

The character’s ineffective braking system in these films creates a wide variety of issues and may wind up eliminating the character from the plot. Of course, in the movies, someone may have tampered with the braking system. In real life, the typical braking system would merely suffer from wear and tear.

That aside, you must remember that faulty brakes will never operate that way in real life. Instead, the real scenario would likely be that the car in front will come to an abrupt stop and you may lack the ability to slow down fast enough to avoid a collision. 

What is the simple solution to avoid potentially dangerous situations?

Routine brake maintenance at 5 star Auto Repair will help you prevent issues like drastic brake failures, accidents, and the loss of control that will arise due to issues with the braking system.

Why Have Your Brakes Inspected?

Remember that your braking system is among the most critical parts of your vehicle. While you will need to take good care of your car’s engine for it to run smoothly, you must remember that running a vehicle with a faulty braking system can be deadly serious.

It can certainly be an evident sacrifice of your safety. Remember, your safety comes first when taking your car to the road.

Components like calipers, brake fluid, rotors, and brake pads come first any moment you talk about your braking system’s safety. You only need to operate with your ears open and alert instincts to ensure that all the parts of your braking system are in the required shape to avoid significant issues as you travel.

Services We Offer

As time passes, brake fluid becomes contaminated shortening the life of your vehicle’s brake system components. Brake fluid absorbs moisture causing corrosion and eventually the deterioration of the hydraulic parts in your brake system. In addition to the corrosive effect on components, brake fluid contaminated with moisture can cause a soft brake pedal, resulting in a potentially unsafe driving condition. Exchanging your brake fluid as specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer will help to reduce the risk associated with contaminated brake fluid and help you avoid expensive brake repairs down the road. 5 Star Auto Repair offers a brake fluid exchange package intended to help maintain the integrity of your brake system components with the introduction of new, quality brake fluid.


  • Quality service by a professional 5 Star Auto Repair technician

  • Thorough brake system evaluation

  • Replacement of existing fluid with new, quality brake fluid specified for your vehicle


The Brake Lathe Service provides your vehicle with the best fitting brakes. Our brake lathing service corrects thickness variations on the rotor and prolongs the life of your braking system.


  • Wearever Silver Pads with a standard resistance formula and delivers dependable stopping power for safe braking

  • Brake system inspection

  • Meets OE (original equipment) requirements

  • 12-month/12,000-mile labor warranty.

The most complete brake package service that includes replacement of both the brake pads as well as the brake rotors. This allows for all new components and the longest brake system service interval.


  • Wearever Gold brake pads and installation

  • Brake system inspection

  • Meets OE (original equipment) requirements

  • Replacement of brake rotor/drums

  • 24 month / 24K mile labor warranty

Signs that you need brake repair

Recognizing potential brake failures or concerns can help you avoid serious, costly repairs, and dangerous driving situations. Remember, your brakes are among the most crucial safety elements of your vehicle.

As such, your ability to identify brake failure symptoms will help you cut down on the costs associated with expensive breakdowns and repairs. 

Here are four signs that your brake system needs urgent repair:

#1 Squeaking, Screeching and Grinding Effects May Require Brake Replacement

The noises produced by your automobile system should act as warning signs that your brake pads and rotors need to be addressed. Your brake pads will wear out just in the same way the tread on your tires do following regular use. Remember, faulty/worn out pads will cause serious damages to other parts of your braking system and will lead to expensive repairs. Visit a reliable auto repair shop as soon as you hear any unusual screeching, grinding, or squeaking sounds.

#2 Pulling

You must schedule a visit to a brake specialist the minute you realize that your vehicle is pulling to one side when braking.  A component such as the brake caliper could be stuck or a brake line could be collapsed not allowing fluid to reach one side of the braking system.  These are not only safety issues for you, but for all drivers that share the road with your vehicle.

#3 Producing vibrations when braking

Remember, worn brakes will produce a vibrating or pulsing sensation if they are not addressed in time.  In most cases, this sensation will be felt through your foot any time you step on the brake pedal or on your hands when you touch the steering wheel. Seek the services of a brake expert at 5 Star Auto Repair as soon as you recognize these symptoms.

#4 Your brakes are less effective and squishy

A brake pedal that is hard to press or feels “spongy” will make it difficult for you to stop your vehicle and create a deadly dangerous situation. You should immediately visit your trusted auto repair shop for service.

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Never compromise the state of your braking system. Mechanical issues to ensure that only a qualified professional attends to your automobile whenever it presents mechanical issues. A reliable technician at 5 Star Auto Repair will provide you with an effective brake fluid exchange, a fresh supply of brake fluid, or even a total overhaul of the system to keep you safe. Whether you need help with your brake pads wear and tear in Winchester VA or require assistance with your anti lock braking system, our braking systems professionals are here for you. From grinding noises or some other issue besides a grinding sound, reach out to us at 5 Start Auto Repair today.

All The Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Brake Pads

When it comes to brakes you shouldn’t wait until brake repairs are needed. If the owner continues to drive the vehicle while there are issues with the brakes, then the chance of having an accident can increase or unpleasant vibrations and loud screeching sounds can be experienced while driving.

Brake Testing And Inspections

If you feel your brakes are not performing correctly you shouldn’t wait any longer. Have your brakes inspected at Autolane today.

Signs that you need your brakes inspected for repairs include: sticky brake pedal, noisy brakes, vibration when braking or a brake warning light.

Brake Service & Repair
Have your brakes inspected at Autolane
$ 39 / per brake pad
Pricing exclude hourly rate
Services Included:
  • Complete brakes inspection
  • Brake pad or brake shoe replacement
  • Brake / hydraulic fluid (level and condition)
  • Brake light diagnosis

Key Benefits of the Service

Taking your car in for regular service help you in ensuring everything is working properly and also to avoid such issues before they arise.

Increase Safety

Regular break inspection will keep you safe

Money Saving

Find issues before repair become expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

An extended warranty is actually an insurance policy on your vehicle, a safeguard against expensive, unforeseen repairs. It covers repairs for an agreed-upon period of time and miles. True warranties, though, are included in the price of the product.

Transmission fluid should be exchanged every 60,000 miles. By following your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations on transmission fluid exchanges, you are truly protecting your vehicle from preventable (and expensive) transmission damage.

If your vehicle uses conventional oil, you should have it replaced every 3 months or 3,000 miles.

If your vehicle uses synthetic oil, you should have it replaced every 6 months or 5,000 miles.

Car batteries ideally last between 3-5 years depending on a number of factors.

To ensure optimal performance and maintenance, simply have your battery checked by an technician during every oil change.

Certified automotive technicians are held to measurable and strict standards in their line of work, and they are accountable to those standards individually.

Autolane is dedicated to upholding those standards.